Teena wins the "Comenius-EduMedia-Award"



Teena is one of the outstanding educational digital media products in terms of pedagogy, content and design and receives the Comenius EduMedia Award 2023. The period tracker for teens was able to convince in the category Didactic Multimedia Products (DMP) and was honored with the Comenius EduMedia Seal. Teena once again underlines that with the help of bioscience, empathy, technology and a lot of heart, products can be developed that create the basis for a healthy and positive body awareness. This is how education works today!


Teena wins gold at the German Innovation Award 2023

Innovation through Education! Teena has just won the Gold Award in the category Medical & Health at the German Innovation Award 2023! Teena convinced the jury with groundbreaking innovations and shows that bioscience, empathy, technology and heart can create the basis for a healthy and positive body awareness. This is innovation as it looks today!



WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU: In September, we asked you to vote for Teena at the Swiss App Awards. Together, we did it!

Teena won the title "Master of Swiss Apps" - and not only that, we also won gold in the categories "Design", "Innovation" and "Functionality". 

We feel so uplifted by the positive response, the solidarity and the atmosphere at the award ceremony. The fact that we could present our period empowerment-focused project on the big stage and receive so much encouragement felt like a huge step forward for breaking the period taboo and celebrating our bodies!

Our very special thanks go not only to our fantastic team, but also to all of our users who supported us in winning this award. Thank you, we can all feel so proud.


DESIGNed to be period ready

Teena wins the Red Dot Award for Brand & Communication Design

August 2022, Germany - The jury is unanimous: Teena deserves a Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022 for high design quality. The innovative period tracker for teens proves that design and function can be combined - and that science can be colorful and cool.


True to the motto "In search of good design and creativity", submitted projects and brands from all over the world were put through their paces and only those with extraordinary design quality were finally awarded. Teena gained the attention of the  international expert panel of (former) professors, communication designers and journalists and can now proudly wear the renowned design award.


The idea behind Teena

"Put an end to anxiety and fear of the first period, bring on sound cycle knowledge and accurate period and cycle forecasts!" - Teena aims to accompany tweens and teens  through this exciting time with curated content to help them understand their own body


To the look & feel 

This is exactly what is reflected in the brand CI and communication design: bright colors, iconic shapes and humorous illustrations convey medical expertise with playful ease. Teena's look & feel is thus precisely tailored to the needs of Gen Z: The colorful artwork represents the diversity of experience during the unique time of puberty. Even topics that are normally unpleasant (such as discharge or diarrhea during the period) are presented in a positive light. Teena is designed to convey information about the menstrual cycle, female anatomy, and hormone shifts  in a personal, encouraging, and understandable way. The smart period tracker combines science with educational content and contemporary design.

"The mission behind Teena is to lift up and empower young women. And who better to empathize with teens than women who have experienced the same? That's why we collaborated with female designers, illustrators and artists to bring our vision to life." - Natalie Rechberg-Egly, CEO of Valley Electronics

"Stringent brand management and its strong appearance have always been significant for customer loyalty. To emerge victorious from the broad and international field of participants in the Red Dot Design Awards demonstrates both the convincing performance and the quality and design leadership of the respective brand." - Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of Red Dot


About the Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Participants submit products, communication strategies and brands as well as prototypes and concepts in three disciplines. The "Red Dot" award stands internationally for good design quality.


About Teena

Teena is a period tracker and app designed to help tweens and teens  understand the menstrual cycle;  learn about (and love) their bodies. Through Teena's accurate predictions, users always have an overview of what is happening in their body right now, their current cycle phase they are and when their next period will start. Based on basal body temperature (BBT) and with the help of an intelligent algorithm, Teena makes predictions about the personal cycle in just 30 seconds and provides users with insights that help them feel safe and confident.

In addition, the Teena app provides valuable knowledge about everything related to the body and being a teenager - whether it's the Cycle Journey, bite-size articles on anatomy or self-care tips for the period, the content written by experts and illustrated in a contemporary way helps young women to develop an awareness of their body and their cycle and to see it for the superpower that it is.


About Valley Electronics

Valley Electronics is an international research-based medtech company with four decades of experience in the development and distribution of cycle trackers. Valley Electronics' vision is a future where understanding one's cycle is taken for granted. Their mission is to celebrate the cycle as a superpower and educate on how women can make it work for them. Technology that educates, empowers and empowers.