Discover Teena: How to use Teena and what Teena does

Teena helps you to get to know your body and its signs - because with Teena you can say exactly what phase of your cycle you are in and when your next period will start - no more surprises. 
And instead of feeling lost and uncomfortable in your own body, you can classify symptoms like mood swings and develop an awareness of your body.

Daily tracking

Take your temperature with Teena before you even get up! Simply place Teena’s sensor under your tongue and you’ll get all the data you need to accurately predict your period. If you make measuring with Teena a habit, you’ll soon be able to handle your cycle with confidence. Teena will help you understand your own body and develop a feeling for the different phases of the cycle.

Positive affirmations

Your body is amazing and so are you! Daily reminders of just how great you are, to lift you up when the hormones are getting you down. Puberty is a ride, we’re here by your side.

Track your emotions

You’re so hormotional! And that’s a good thing. Track your emotions and get to know yourself better. Feel confident and in control. There are no bad feelings.


The app provides fun tips and knowledge about the cycle & body through different functions: cycle tracking, cycle analysis, a magazine and an interactive “cycle journey”.

Symptoms and signs

Teena leads with positivity and education to help you understand your body’s signs (like cervical fluid) and your body’s symptoms (like cramps or acne). Get the science and the support.

As easy as...

Wake up - Measure - Sync - Done!

  1. Wake up. Take your Teena from your nightstand. 
  2. Hold your finger on the touch field and an orange light will begin flashing. 
  3. Place the Teena sensor under your tongue to measure your basal body temperature.
  4. Sync with the Teena App and enter your period when you are ready.
  5. You can explore the app to learn more about your cycle and your body!


Teena analyzes your body’s cycle signs to give precise information on your current cycle phase and period timing.

Sync to the app to dive into the details! Learn more about what’s happening in your body and what to expect next. Track your emotions. Listen to your cycle signs and symptoms. Get daily, positive, responsive feedback.

Average cycle length

Learn the average length of your menstrual cycles from one period to the next.

Period length

How many period days is normal for you? Find out what your past periods have looked like and get prepped for the next one.

Compare cycles

Having a longer cycle? Or a shorter period? Check it out, contrast, and compare.

Experience your phase

It’s not just periods! Experience the two phases of your menstrual cycle. Surf the hormone waves. Learn what it means to be feeling follicular. Get to know the luteal you.


Don’t just track your period, learn your cycle! Teena is an accurate period tracker and then some. Packed with knowledge drops you can pick up at your own pace, we want you to use Teena to get to know your body better. This isn’t health class; here you’ll learn about your cycles, periods, hormones, and health with a dose of positivity and fun


Worried about leaks? What are period poops anyway?! It’s all in the Teena magazine! Scroll our bite-sized articles to better understand your body. This is menstrual cycle 101, the biological basics. Because knowledge is power.

Cycle Journey

Our interactive, animated Cycle Journey brings the magic of periods to life! Follow the egg, watch the walls of the uterus grow. Each menstrual cycle phase is explained with science-based narration. From the brain to the ovaries: this is the story of your menstrual cycle.

Daily Tips

Know your flow and live in harmony with your hormones. Teena’s daily tips will help you make the most of your menstrual cycle. Understanding your current cycle phase can make everything easier. PMS? I don’t know her.


Contact our expert team with your questions about your unique cycle. Period running late? Two periods in one month? We can help you to understand what’s happening. Working together we turn to the data to figure it all out.

Who is Teena for?

Pre-teens and teens will benefit from Teena: from before the first period, through the first few years of puberty and menstrual cycles. Parents, relatives, guardians, and educators can use Teena as a support tool to educate and engage pre-teens and teens to connect with their changing bodies.

Your Data

All of your data is safe with us. To use the app you do not need to provide any personal information, such as name or email address.

Your app account is registered to your Teena serial number, which only you can know. So you are the only person to have access to your data, stored in the app and Teena tracker. This keeps you anonymous and safe.

Feel free to track your cycle signs, symptoms, emotions, and journal your thoughts in private. No data can be traced back to you as a person, no advertising and no data sharing with third parties. That said: if you need support, we’re here for you.


“I got Teena as a gift from my aunt for my first period. I love Teena. I measure every morning and she tells me what is going on.” – Kelly


"Before Teena I was worried to get my period in school. Now I know when my period is coming and I am prepared." – Alice


“I leave notes in the Teena App and note my emotions. I am learning so much and can speak to my mom about my questions.” – Jessica


“I love my Teena and measuring in the morning is so easy and fast. I told all my friends about Teena.” – Mary


"I love having my Teena! It has taught me so much more than other apps I’ve used. The magazine articles, telling about your period and other things are really great. I also like seeing the different phases of my cycle. My Teena tracks my temperature and then I can add my period and feelings in the app. The little positive notes I get in the app every morning are really cool, too. It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I would say the magazine articles are my top choice." – Net


“I always felt ashamed speaking about my period. Now I can read the articles in the Teena app with my mom and we speak about it.” – Anonymous author


“I was upset when I got my period because I thought it was the end of the world. It was an inconvenience because I never knew when the next one will come. Now I know and I can prepare.” – Patricia


“When I think of my period that is going to come, I feel powerful and proud. I also feel a little nervous and have lots of question. Teena answers me so many questions.” – Nancy

Our philanthropic partner

PERIOD. is a global youth-fueled nonprofit that strives to eradicate period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. Through the distribution of menstrual products, promotion of youth leadership, and championing of menstrual equity in policy, PERIOD. aims to center those disproportionately affected by period poverty and support local efforts for menstrual equity.



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