Swim worry-free! Our Ruby Love Two-Piece Period Swimwear features our built-in absorbent liner and leak-proof technology, so you can swim, paddleboard, surf or just lounge on the sand all day. Our period swimwear is designed specifically for water activity. No swelling in water!

Built-in absorbent liner and can be worn with or without additional protection.

No tampon required!

Holds up to 3 tampons worth of protection.

Pair with our Double Sided-Pad for up to 6 tampons of absorption (optional)

No swelling in water!

Dri-tech mesh helps stop all front, side and back leaks and will securely hold a pad in place if needed.

Organic cotton liner. No odors, no plastics and easy to wash!

Fit: Modern rise

Materials: 80% nylon and 20% spandex

Sustainable! Help us save the planet by reducing landfill waste.

Made in the USA!

Teen Period Swimwear isĀ available in the sizes:

XS and M/L
Please specify your desired size directly in the comment field at the check out.

Thank you very much.

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